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Bad writing
One day, not unlike today, Dun was feeling bad. Circumstances had not been kind to Dun, for this was not an uncommon occurance. What was uncommon was Cameron's solution: "I will send him a wizard to apprentice under!" He shouted at the reader. Now I don't need to tell you there are more wizards than pizza places in the phonebook. Why was I looking in the phone book? Because wizards don't trust the internet, duh. So Cameron finds the perfect specialist wizard: A defensive wizard. He however wasn't taking apprentices so Dun would have to settle for a haberdashery wizard.
The wizard arrived at precisely 9:14:21 AM EST to whisk Dun off for his mediocre new life of magic and excitement. Dun was thrilled to learn magic and took to it like a duck to magic. Soon he was was haberdashing people left and right. Little did he know that the pastry chef wizards accross the food court were about to attack. One day he returned from his first solo house call giving a customer a nice haberdash to find t
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Fantasy Vent
You could hear Nik approaching from
miles away, the loud clatter and ballyhoo of his armor announcing his
presence long before sight of him can be caught. Sereven on the other
hand made not a sound. To this point neither of the guards noticed
her as she stabbed one of them in the back...
“That's not true Tuddles, the
second guard turned when he heard the percussion of the second guard
upon the ground.” Saphrae pointed out.
“He did, but he didn't see me.”
Sereven bragged.
“Is nobody else wondering why
he's telling us this? We were there.” Tim chimed in.
“He's not telling us, he's
writing out loud. You guys are just never here for this part. You go
runnin' off to your parties leaving me to haf' to listen to recount
everything into his book. I hope you all get fat.” Arendar
“Tuddles never struck me as the
type who would have to talk while he writes.” Sereven remarked.
“He doesn't, in fact it's not
him talking. He's
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Super powered teens tour Assembly of Power
"So how many of you are thinking of applying to the Assembly of Power for our summer internship? Hands shot up, of course they did. Who doesn't dream of joining the AoP?"
"Mr. Steve, why are you narrating this?"
"Please hold all questions until the end of the tour."
"Why just the other day that nice, old man that stand on the corner down the street, drinking his cup of money, was telling me that when he was a child The Original Roman would encourage people to buy war bonds, and all his friends had lunch boxes featuring Muscles Maximum. Apparently the children of his generation had to walk through the snow to get to diabolical schools which would change their altitude depending on whether you were coming or going. And in those days you could find pictures of The Fist of Liberty drawn on everything from automobile repairshop walls, to fighter planes, which were for some reason doing battle with sauerkraut."
"Sir, I believe that man is homeless, and embellishing his childhood. Also they w
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Nik's Daring Conclusion
I wish design flaws didn't always present themselves in life threatening situations. Well that's not exactly true, while getting change at the store I realized my suit didn't have pockets. And it was a particularly crime free night when I first started out that I realized I needed a zipper in the front of my outfit. But the big, life or death flaws only present themselves in life or death situations. I had no way of breathing in a vacuum. So instead I had to think fast.
My hammer, I still didn't have it. I had no way of knowing where it was being kept, or just how strong the bulkheads were. So I channeled as much power as I could into calling my hammer to me. Too much power. I was light headed and not thinking. I had specially tuned the amount of force so as not to off balance myself. Suddenly I found myself being thrown at the wall to my left. I was about to hit it when my hammer came tearing through it like a four year old through wrapping paper.
This time I did think quickly. I tore
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Nik's Hardy Exposition
It was actually rather boring. I was terrified for my life, but I was doing so in a drab room with nothing to do but breathe and look around. My hands were bound so I couldn't call my hammer like Mjolnir. It's done with magnets and resonant frequencies, but I still like to yell as if it's magic. I keep thinking about making it magic in case I can't use my suit, but it's expensive, and I've never been in a situation that required it. Even the worst of my foes never bound me. I spent most of my free time debating whether I should upgrade the suit and hammer. On one hand my suit had always been enough before, and I never plan to be in this kind of situation again. While on the other hand it was expensive, and I never planned on being in this kind of situation again. The way I see it, either I escape because my suit is well enough equipped already, or I don't. Either way presents little reason to. Even if I wanted to something like this would require a high level enchanter, and those guys
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Nik's Brave Narrative
It's not easy being a superhero... Okay let me clarify: It's not easy being a bottom of the totem pole superhero. I'm definitely better than everyday people that get licensed and just fight crime on weekends, maybe once or twice a month. Those people are pathetic, the reserves of the heroing community. But unfortunately I'm not a big name like Plasmoidus or The Key of Franklin, so it's not like sponsors are busting my door down. And I'm considered too much of a loose canon for the Assembly of Power, so for the most part I'm funding this all out of my own pocket. Honestly I don't see how Batman does it, he must have saved a billionaire's life or something. I have a Paypal accepting donations but that usually barely covers the utility bill. Then again I do have a substantial electric bill, recharging my hammer. I keep threatening to install solar panels but they'd clash with the motif. Still all in all I'm pretty happy with where NikoLightning is. Sure I have to do the occasional mall op
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